Established gun sellers with stores have licenses to sell guns. They have made it their life's work to offer quality guns to the public. The buyers, in return, needs a background check and have to wait to clear the FBI's list. Buyers do not need a license to own, buy, or stockpile weapons, but they do need a license to hunt if they use their guns in that capacity. However, there are many loopholes in the laws surrounding guns, and even without the loopholes, criminals can get guns anyway. Criminals can also sell guns out of their vehicles or even their homes, which is why you need to be careful about buying the guns for sale out of anything other than a gun shop. The following illustrates some ways in which guns may be purchased, and why you need to be careful.

Online Guns for Sale

Private sellers of guns through sites such as Craigslist should make you concerned. Why is the seller choosing that site to sell their guns when he/she could just sell them to a pawn shop or gun shop? Sure newspaper ads are incredibly expensive now, but a newspaper ad would look less sketchy and reach more people, so why the cloak and dagger routine? If the seller asks you to come see the guns in person, take a friend or several witnesses just in case. (On an added note, online auction sites rarely, if ever, sell guns because of the government's red tape, so you will not find a new weapon there.)

Private Sellers at Gun Shows

Private sellers of a few guns at a gun show are mostly there to sell a few guns and leave. They do not carry a full arsenal and are not looking to fuel a revolution. This makes them a much safer option than buying guns from a private seller who advertises through non-newspaper classifieds. However, you should still be cautious about buying these guns, since private sellers at gun shows are not required to check your background information. Some will not even ask to see an ID to verify age, which should make you question the sellers' willingness to sell the guns to whomever will buy them. If the seller is on the up and up and the guns were not recently used in a murder or robbery, he or she will at least ask to see ID before selling you a gun.

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