Baseball trading pins are a big part of the tradition of summer baseball tournaments. When players compete, they earn commemorative pins that contain details about the tournament, which the players can then affix to their jackets or display in a frame at home. If you're planning a tournament and are ordering custom pins, it's ideal to think beyond the players. In youth baseball, parents play a vital role in a number of different ways, and it can be fun to recognize their contributions by giving out some baseball trading pins. You can take a few different approaches to doing so, and you'll likely see the parents begin wearing the pins on their clothing right away. Here are some pins to think about getting made.

Baseball Parent

It's nice to recognize each of the parents who attends the baseball tournament, given that he or she may be making sacrifices to be there. To this end, a general "Baseball Parent" pin given to each parent is ideal. The pin can identify the location and date of the tournament, as well as have some manner of wording that identifies the recipient as being the parent of a player.

Most Supportive Parent

Another idea is to give out a select number of pins to parents who are deemed to be the most supportive of not only their child and his or her teammates, but also of everyone on the baseball field. The pin can simply say "Most Supportive Parent" or something similar. You can give a pin or two to one or two parents from each team. A fun way to decide who earns the pin is to ask the parents from the other team. As they cheer and watch the game, they can also keep an eye on the other parents in the bleachers across the field. Typically, a parent who is vocally supportive of fair play and is maybe clad in the team's colors will stand out as being a worthy honoree.

Unsung Hero Parent

If you're having a banquet or awards presentation at the end of the baseball tournament, giving out an unsung hero pin to a parent from each team is ideal. Have the coach from each team nominate one of his or her parents. An unsung hero might be someone who picks up several players to drive them to practices and games, lends time with making sure the equipment is repaired and kept clean, or helps out at practices without any official recognition.