If you are looking to pick up guys at the gym when you go to work out, there are some things you can do to draw attention without making yourself obvious. You can make some subtle changes, and do a few different things to be sure that people are noticing you, and that they want to come up and talk to you. Here are some of the things you want to consider when you are planning your workouts and your outfits for your next sweat session.

Solid Workout Program

You don't want to look like one of those girls that goes to the gym to pick up guys, and you want to be sure that you use your time in the gym wisely. Make sure that you plan out a schedule of consistent cardio and some weight training, and even try to mix up your routines with some classes when you want to burn extra calories. Guys at the gym will often be looking for a girl that shares their passion to workout. Plus, you'll get a great body in the process.

Brazilian Leggings

The yoga pants or leggings you wear when you work out serve many purposes. The right women's Brazilian leggings can compress and tighten the legs, helping to improve blood flow and circulation. They will also accent the curves of the body, and help flatter the figure. This will be noticed when you are at the gym. Get some of these leggings to incorporate into your workout attire. These are also ideal for when you are running errands or you just want to be comfortable around the house.

Distracted Demeanor

You don't want to stare at others in the gym, or look like you are too eager to make contact with someone. When you are there, you want to keep your headphones on or stay involved in your workout. Having a friendly smile on your face, or carrying yourself in a relaxed way is the best option for showing others that you're available.

Picking up guys at the gym is a great way to find a guy that is in shape, and that wants to work out like you do. If you are trying to find a boyfriend and you aren't sure where to start, a gym full of guys should be top on your list. Follow these tips and get to the gym as often as you can.