Billiards is a wonderfully relaxing way to unwind. If you enjoy a good game of billiards, you may have decided to invest in a personal table for your home. To protect your table, you should appreciate how important it is to take care of the surface.

Most quality billiards tables are covered with a soft, cloth-like surface made of felt. Maintaining the perfect condition of that felt is critical. A poorly maintained surface compromises the roll of the billiards balls; if ever so slightly. Here are two ways to help guarantee your billiards table surface stays in tiptop condition.

Dust is an Enemy

If you dust your home on a regular basis like most people, you'll appreciate how much dust accumulates in a short time. The same dust problem you clear away from exposed surfaces all over your house falls on your billiards table top. However, unlike smooth surfaces that you can wipe clean with a dust cloth, it is far more difficult to get the dust out of the felt on your billiards table.

Over time, there will be a built of dirt and dust in your felt surface, which compromises the playability of your table. The best solution isn't to periodically spend money to have your table cleaned, but to invest in a quality table cover to keep the dust off your table when it's not being used. There are a number of options, from eloquent colors to covers using an assortment of themes available at most billiards equipment suppliers.

Brush it Up

If you've taken suggestion number one and purchased a cover for your billiards table, you've helped to keep dust from accumulating on your table when it's not in use. However, invariably chalk dust and other particles will get on your table. To keep your felt clean and dirt free, you should brush your table regularly.

Billiards suppliers suggest brushing your felt billiards table once every 10 hours of play. Most recommend this rigidly; stressing you should brush a felt tabletop no more, or no less. The only time it is suggested to brush or clean the felt on a billiards table more often, is in the event of a spill or other circumstance, which allows dirt to get on the table.

Billiards tables can provide hours of fun and enjoyment. To keep your investment in tiptop condition, you need to cover it up when you're not using it, then brush it up on a regular basis. If you have any questions about billiards table maintenance, or how to take care of the surface, contact a billiards supplier, such as Manning Cues, who will be able to answer your questions.