Being a hockey goalie is a challenging position to take on, and it can be dangerous too. So you want to do all you can to protect your teenager from injury when they're on the ice, which means getting them a reliable hockey goalie mask to wear. Here are a few important things that should be considered when buying a goalie mask for your teen.

How Much Use Will the Mask Get?

It's a good idea to really consider how much use the hockey goalie mask will get before buying it. If your teen is just starting out and testing the hockey waters, you may want to go with a lower-end model to save a little money in case they don't end up wanting to play hockey for long. But if your teen has been playing for awhile and has plans to continue in the game, buying a higher-end model that will hold up for years to come might be a better investment for your family.

And if you really don't think hockey is going to be a long-lasting passion of your teen's you should make sure that the mask you buy comes with a money back guarantee. Or find out if the mask can be sold or donated to the school your teen is playing hockey at if they decide not to play after just a short time.

Is the Mask a Special Gift?

Are you gifting your teen with a new hockey goalie mask for a special occasion? If so, consider going all out and having a custom graphic printed on the mask before you give it to them. Whether it's your teen's position number, their hockey team's name, or a depiction of their favorite famous hockey player, your teen is sure to appreciate the thought that was put into their hockey mask. And they'll stand out from the crowd when they are on the ice which will help you better keep up with their movements as a hockey game plays out.

How Can the Mask Be Preserved?

You should also think about how your teen will preserve their new hockey goalie mask so you don't end up having to buy another new one again anytime soon. Create a short list of maintenance rules for your teen to follow that will help ensure that the mask stays in good condition as time goes on. Include tasks such as wiping the mask down after every use and inspecting the mask for damage before every use.

You can also provide your teen with a protective bag or container to store the mask in when it isn't being used. And make sure that they won't let other people borrow the mask to minimize the risk that it will get damaged when it isn't even in your teen's possession.

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