If your summer plans include fishing for monster sport fish, fishing boat rental services can provide you with the gear and equipment you need to make your dreams a reality. During your fishing boat rental adventure, you can use trolling to catch big fish consistently.

Here are some trolling strategies to use when you take your fishing boat rental out on the water.

Isolate Variables

During the hot summer months, big fish often head to deeper water to escape the heat and forage for prey. When using a fishing boat rental you should concentrate your trolling efforts where the big fish are found.

  • Thermocline: Water temperatures fluctuate based on depth, current, and oxygen levels. These temperature layers are known as thermoclines. Because cooler water is more dense and oxygenated, big fish often suspend in a specific thermocline. You can isolate these thermoclines by using the sonar equipment included with your fishing boat rental. When scouting out the thermoclines in a body of water, you should troll a variety of plugs that suspend at different depths. By using baits that dive to different depths you can probe a variety of thermoclines simultaneously.
  • Current: Big fish get big because they find efficient ways to forage for prey. One of the key ways that fish find food is by locating current. Not only does moving water provide more oxygen, but it also brings prey along like a conveyer belt. When trolling for big fish you can locate moving water by looking for windblown points, creek mouths, and/or areas with precipitous depth changes. When you troll in areas for current you should also have a few rods rigged with vertical jigs and spoons. If you hook a fish while trolling, it is important that you anchor your fishing boat rental and jig vertically in the area.


When most anglers think about trolling they imagine dragging hard baits behind a fishing boat rental at slow speeds. However, one of the most effective trolling presentations can be found by moving with current or wind.

  • Chum: Big fish follow the food. You can draw large schools of baitfish by chumming with concoctions of dissolvable scraps of fish, meat, or a combination of the two. When chumming, make sure you set up so that you can drift with current or wind. To make your chum more effective, consider freezing your chum solid so that it dissolves at a slower rate and delivers a larger chum slick.

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