A bike trailer can come in really handy for anyone who commutes or rides longer distances. It's nice to be able to bring more items along with you, and not to have to carry them in a backpack. There are lots of bike trailers on the market, which is nice because it means you have a choice. But how do you know which one to buy? Here are a few key features to look for as you consider your bike trailer options.

Waterproof Material

You may not plan on riding during a rainstorm, but it's only a matter of time before you get caught in the rain on your bike. If this does happen, you'll be glad you have a waterproof bike trailer. Note that waterproof and water-resistant are not the same thing. A bike trailer sold as "water-resistant" won't shed water as well as one labeled "waterproof."

Ample Weight Capacity

Whether you plan on pulling kids, groceries, or camping gear in your bike trailer, you want to choose one with an ample weight capacity. You don't want to have to leave something behind just because it was a little too heavy for your bike trailer. There are plenty of trailers with capacities of 75 pounds or more, so there's really no reason to buy one with a capacity lower than that.

Thick Tires

Pay close attention to the tires on the bike trailers you're thinking of purchasing. You want a trailer with really thick, ample tires. These will cushion the ride considerably. If you pull kids in the trailer, they'll appreciate the shock absorption. And even if you primarily plan on transporting items like groceries, the thicker wheels will minimize bouncing to keep things from breaking. Trailer tires should look more like mountain bike tires and less like road bike tires.

A Push Handle

When your bike trailer is not attached to your bike, you want to have an easy way to move it. A push handle on the back of the trailer can be this mechanism. Some trailers have handles that you can collapse when not in use. Others have padded handles. What variety of handle you choose does not matter as much as the mere fact that there is a handle.

If you look for the features above when shopping for a bike trailer, you should have no trouble finding one that suits your needs. TO learn more information about bike trailers, reach out to a company such as Salamander Paddle Gear.